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Senior Spotlight: Victoria Empson

Senior Spotlight: Victoria Empson

Victoria Empson will not slow down before graduating this year from Groton High School. The busy senior has many projects she wants to complete before the end of June, including collaborating with others to finish the spring art show banner, and finishing the last few touches on a classroom mural.

Since she was elected Art Club President this year, Empson has been involved in many creative projects that have helped hone her personal style. “I fell in love with realistic art, I love drawing with graphite and charcoal,” she said.

“My favorite project so far was my ‘That’s Made Out of What?’ project…I did this skeleton girl (with a flower head), it shows how you can be so alive on the outside but so dead on the inside.” She explains her piece this way, “Most people go through life just skating by, they don't take time out of their life to find themselves, and I feel that’s really important…I feel like you can't move forward in life if you haven't found your true self.” With the independent voice characteristic of an authentic artist, Empson says truly living requires a discovery of your own interests, so that you will not be satisfied to let other people define you, or as she says, “live your life for you.”

It was a sixth grade photography class that instilled in her a love for nature photography. Class time was spent hiking local trails and capturing discoveries on film. It was this first exposure that inspired Victoria to pursue photography as a hobby and she continues to enjoy exploring the outdoors with her camera to this day.

Empson is looking forward to entering a new chapter of her life when she attends the Foundations Program at Alfred University in the fall. She is planning to pursue photography as a career, saying, “I definitely will travel abroad and want to get a job at National Geographic, because I definitely want to be a travel photographer.”

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