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Coaching for Excellence

For Groton Health Teacher Scott Weeks, perpetual motion is a way of life. A consistent presence on Groton’s track since his own days as a student, Weeks is now in his 22nd year coaching Track & Field and Cross Country, his 21st year teaching health class at the high school. As a teacher, Weeks advocates for the many benefits of pursuing an active lifestyle, not only modeling for his students healthy choices, but also inviting speakers into his classroom to present on various health and wellness topics. As a coach and alumnus, Weeks continues Groton’s tradition of excellence, inspiring his teams with the motto “A Tradition of Excellence as athletes, academics and people”. Weeks strives to develop each student’s individual strengths in these areas. Weeks said the toughest thing he faces in heading up the Groton Indians cross country team is getting new students to try the program. “I don’t know if kids love to run when they come to us, but what they really enjoy is the team camaraderie,” he said, “they love working hard to help each other out, and that’s really what drives the program.” Because it is up to the individual to challenge themselves and improve in the sport of running, in particular, Weeks enables his students to see that they have the capacity to be a good athlete on their own terms, and works to motivate them to reach their individual potential. “The kids are the magic, honestly. I don’t put pressure on them - the only pressure I put on them is to be committed. Commit to your team, commit to coming to practice - and after that, it’s really a matter of what you want to get out of it”, Weeks said. “I tell my students “You give me two weeks (to try out the program) and you’ll stay.” Oftentimes, Weeks has found that when a student begins to achieve better results athletically, they also experience growth in other areas as well. “This program inspires so many people, in my career I’ve had so many parents that have started running, and they still run, just because their kids ran this program and enjoyed the program, it inspired them. It has a ripple effect and I just love it.” Driven by a desire to see his students making healthy choices that will last a lifetime, Weeks said, “If I can show a kid that they can be successful at this, even after they graduate from high school there is a higher likelihood that they are going to continue doing something to keep them fit and that makes them feel good everyday...that is my ultimate goal.”

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