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As a Groton high school student, Chip Haynes enjoyed mathematics and had a knack for solving problems. “I can recall as early as the sixth grade doing a series of word problems, almost riddles. They weren't what you might think of as traditional math problems, but they forced you to quickly think through all aspects of a given scenario. That’s when I first recall really being drawn to math problem-solving.” he said. Haynes credits Groton teachers like Ms. Windhausen (Streeter), Ms. Konetchny, Mr. Collar, and Mr. Amos for encouraged his interest in mathematics by demonstrating the ability to solve a variety of practical problems. Chip believes teachers make some of the best mentors in helping students identify their unique abilities and areas of strength which can be invaluable for a student faced with choosing a career path. Haynes commented, “It is helpful in high school to identify an area you are interested in and can excel at. Often times, there can be practical ways to apply those skills in careers, (in ways that) you may not even be aware of in high school."  

By high school graduation in the spring of 2000, Chip possessed the skills to think critically and solve complex problems using mathematical theory and was interested in pursuing a math-related career. He studied Math and Science at Tompkins County Community College and graduated with high honors in 2001. He then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Geneseo, becoming interested in pursuing a career in actuary science. During his undergraduate studies Chip applied for several open positions and had several interviews. In the spring of 2004, just after graduating Cum Laude from SUNY Geneseo with a Mathematics and Accounting double major, Haynes heard back from the U.S. Army about a civilian position he had applied for. This position in particular required a wide range of analysis and promised to be both stimulating and challenging. He reflected, “One of the things I think that ultimately helped me land the job was spending a lot of time preparing for the interview.  I had several other interviews before that which didn't turn out to be successful, but those opportunities to be a part of the interview process turned out to be a valuable experience and made me much more comfortable leading into the interview with the Department of the Army.” Taking the time to define his strengths and review typical interview questions allowed him to stand out during the interview process which lead him to the career he is in today. The position has proven to be a good fit for Haynes. Working as a civilian for the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC), Chip uses data to discover why something is - or isn't happening. He provides valuable insight into a multi-billion dollar inventory, and makes recommendations to senior U.S. Army logistics decision makers. Chip’s supervisor Clarke Fox, has been quoted as saying,  "Chip has excelled in applying data-driven analysis to logistics decision making. He demonstrates a unique combination of analytical ability, material management knowledge, and communication skills in supporting the AMC mission." During his employment, Haynes has attained a Master of Science Degree in Operations Research from the Florida Institute of Technology, as well as undertaken many professional trainings specific to his field of study.

Currently living in Alabama with wife Katie, son Cole (6) and daughters Madeline (3) and Hannah (1), Haynes credits his early math experience as a Groton student to starting him on the path to where he is today. He said, “Groton played a tremendous role in my development and it's someplace I think of very fondly thanks to all of my teachers, coaches, and classmates.  I'm very thankful for all of the teachers and coaches that dedicated their time to invest in me personally because it has had an enduring impact on my life.”


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