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Jeff Corcoran (center) with niece Macy Corcoran (right) and Mark Triolo (left)
Jeff Corcoran (center) with niece Macy Corcoran (right) and Mark Triolo (left)

Hall of Fame Expands

Distinguished Graduate Hall of Fame inductions were presented during the 11th Annual Academic Honors Banquet held Tuesday, June 7, 2016, in the high school cafeteria. The banquet is held each year to recognize those students in ninth through twelfth grades who have demonstrated academic excellence; having earned a cumulative 90 plus grade point average during the first three quarters of the school year. A banquet dinner was served by students in the National Honor Society program followed by Teacher and National Honor Society Advisor Scott Montreuil revealing this year’s Hall of Fame inductees.

The inductees this year were Jeffrey Corcoran, class of 1991 and the late Dr. Richard Hastings, class of 1951. A Groton Distinguished Graduate plaque was presented for each inductee. The award to honor the late Dr. Richard Hastings was accepted by his daughter Cary Plamondon. Also present that evening were Dr. Hastings’ wife and grandson. Mrs. Plamondon said her father was a valedictorian but so much more, with a passion for helping people. She said he would always tell people to “Enjoy your work, and treat everyone with respect”. During his thirty year career he worked as a doctor in private practice as well as offering his services to the community walk-in clinic. After retirement he was a Meals on Wheels delivery person. His daughter commented, “He believed in working hard to help others and having a blast while doing it all.”

The second alumnus to be honored that evening was Jeffrey Corcoran. Before accepting the award, Jeff’s former coach and teacher, Mark Triolo, spoke about Corcoran’s character as a student. Triolo said that Jeff’s generous attitude set him apart from other students and reflected respect for his self, teachers and others. Upon accepting the award, Corcoran spoke about the need to enjoy existing opportunities while at the same time staying prepared to face fears to achieve personal goals and dreams. “Most dreams aren’t realized because of fears,” he said. “There were people that pushed me and matured me, find those people in life, grasp them. You all have it within you, to be able to realize your dreams.”

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