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Funding Awarded for Learning Technology

The New York State Department of Education recently awarded Groton Central School District a New York State Learning Technology Grant. The elementary school and the high school will be awarded $49,903 and $49,592 respectively per year for the term of three years to be used for technology integration. This grant supports the District’s strategic plan in which every Groton student will be able to graduate tech-literate, possessing a framework of skills necessary for most modern careers. The Learning Technology Grant was designed to improve academic performance in relation to New York State learning standards for PreK -12th grades and support technology literacy for both student and teachers. Selected teachers at the elementary school will be chosen for advanced technology training through the University of Rochester in order to provide professional development and coaching for all Groton teachers with the goal of at least 75% using some form of digital media to enhance their traditional lessons. In addition, the grant will fund all teachers being trained in Google Classrooms, and will help support a technology integration specialist position within the district. Groton High School was awarded funding through this competitive grant process in partnership with TST BOCES, where the two organizations developed a progressive plan to pilot virtual learning and develop digital collaboration among high school classrooms on both campuses. Finally, the grant provided financial resources to purchase Chromebooks for student use, and it is anticipated that all classrooms will have shared access to laptop devices and the ability to connect to the internet for the integration of technology within the lessons as early as next year. 

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