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Luke Lauchle, Logan Roberts and Brooke Jackson
Luke Lauchle, Logan Roberts and Brooke Jackson

My Fair Lady March 18 & 19

This year Groton High School will be performing the highly popular musical My Fair Lady, based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. The play is directed by Mrs. Annette Twitchell, now in her eleventh year directing musical productions at the high school. In her interpretation of this classic story, Annette will be pulling out more of the comedic elements for a performance that promises to be lighthearted and fun. Mrs. Twitchell said My Fair Lady was chosen this year because she 'had the right cast'. The right cast includes seniors Luke Lauchle and Brooke Jackson as Colonel Pickering and Eliza Doolittle respectively, while sophomore Logan Roberts plays the lead of Professor Henry Higgins. All three students have been involved in drama since middle school. The storyline is unique, the young actors agree, because it does not have a romantic theme, although the two main characters slowly form a friendship of sorts. “It’s not like most musicals where they would have Eliza and Higgins get together in the end; it is more about them coming together as friends, rather than as a couple,” commented Luke Lauchle. Luke plays the character Colonel Pickering, a language expert who advances Eliza Doolittle’s transformation into polite society. Luke says his character brings a lot of comedic relief to the awkwardness between Eliza and Professor Higgins and the audience should come prepared to laugh. Brooke Jackson says of playing her character, “It is such a great experience for me because I haven’t had a role where I am able to really just put myself out there and be the over-dramatic person that she (Eliza) is, it is a challenge but I really enjoy it.” Now in his fifth Groton High School production, Logan Roberts says it is the people and the sense of community he enjoys the most about his involvement in drama club. Describing his character Professor Higgins as a pseudo-intellectual tyrant who is incredibly rude to Eliza, Logan jokingly says “I tend to be a polite person, so it is a nice outlet to exert any hidden angers I have.” Brooke laughs, “He does feed me chocolate during the play so it’s all good.” As far as getting into character, Logan says “I just lift up my nose a little more and I feel like the accent by its very own nature facilitates me getting into character.” My Fair Lady is sure to please audiences of all ages on March 18 and 19 at 7:00 pm at the Groton High School Auditorium. A special matinee performance will be offered on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 2:00 pm. 

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