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Hendrickson with a painting she calls an inner self portrait
Hendrickson with a painting she calls an inner self portrait

Acclaimed Encaustic Artist to Teach Groton Students

This fall, as part of an Arts Education Grant from the New York Council for the Arts, award winning artist Kohlene Hendrickson will be sharing her passion for creating art with students at Groton high school during her month-long residency. Hendrickson will be teaching the ancient process of encaustic painting using a medium made by combining beeswax resin and pigments. Chad DeVoes’ science class will be collaborating on the project by contributing the beeswax directly from the Groton student farm. Art teacher Brookley Spanbuaer commented by saying, “We are doing a farm to art connection and we hope to get a little of our own beeswax, the whole idea of using our own hives to make our own pigments to make our own art is something Kohlene will show us how to do.” This sustainable art-making process using accessible, locally sourced materials provides a connection for the students to the process and may even serve as a catalyst for innovative approaches to the field of art and what it can become. Science teacher Chad Devoe’s class Food, Land and You just added two bee hives to their student farm last year. This year, students will harvest and filter the wax to contribute to the art project. Said Hendrickson regarding the upcoming classes, “It is a really exciting paint, it is very rare that people don’t fall in love with it. I love that it is natural but it is so rich, there is a smell that goes into the house when you’re painting with it, (from) the beeswax, that is so beautiful. ” Hendrickson also uses watercolor paints and oil crayons that she encases in wax. “I draw really well, I am a colorist, but I was looking for something that is rich enough that doesn’t need to be put under glass….it took me many years to put together what works to express my vision with the movement, color and richness that I wanted.” Hailing from Geneva Switzerland, Hendrickson was born in California and worked as an illustrator and art director for many years before she pursued her interest in the fine arts, studying contemporary fresco in Italy. She began to show her fresco and mixed media art internationally in solo and group exhibitions, to much acclaim. Hendrickson will be staying in Groton through the month teaching and working on two large panels which will be revealed at the Groton Gallery on November 5, 2015. 

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