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Izzy's Closet

Izzy's Closet

The furry character from the Izzy Adventure books finds a cozy spot at elementary school. A library cat who visits local landmarks in her first adventure tale, Izzy was created by Groton Rotary Club members Mona Forney and Janet Watkins. Ms. Forney has now written two books featuring Izzy the library cat including the first book, Izzy’s Groton adventure which was co-written by Janet Watkins, and the newest book, Izzy’s Dance Adventure, which was released last year. Izzy has been an inspiration to young readers within the community and beyond. The book has even reached readers internationally through friends and family in the Groton community. Several classes at the elementary school have read both books, which drew inspiration from the community of Groton itself. Commenting about the books, Ms. Forney said, “As technology increases "old fashioned" book reading sometimes takes a back seat. If my books encourages children to read more or bring back memories of Groton to people who no longer live here, it makes me happy!” Now the popular character is finding a permanent spot at the elementary school as part of a new community service initiative by the Groton Rotary Club called Izzy’s Closet. The same artist who illustrated the books painted the closet with a school scene and an image of the loveable Izzy character. Izzy’s Closet was created to meet the needs of students who may go without some basic necessities for school. The contents of the closet, to be allocated by teachers’ discretion, include various types of pens, pencils, and notebooks and also cold weather supplies such as mittens and gloves. Rotarians gathered the supplies and stocked a full closet for the start of school this fall.

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