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"Where Are They Now?" - Joshua Canfield

From Groton graduate to Hollywood actor, locally raised Joshua Canfield believes there are many opportunities to earn a living while doing what you are passionate about, but you must seek them out. “College is really a job fair,” Canfield commented of his experience studying at the University of Buffalo. As a student he utilized the college experience to gain employment as an actor and to build connections to possible employment. Canfield built acting acclaim through various roles he performed professionally in local theatre and television, earning him two best actor nominations in theatre. After graduation, Josh settled into life in Central New York, employed at Fastenal in Cortland. He developed a career in the industrial supply industry, becoming a National Sales Manager based in Syracuse and travelling for the position. When the opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles with the company became available, Canfield pursued it. Soon after settling into the area, Canfield once again began looking for more opportunities to act. He was offered roles in various short films and projects and began moonlighting as an actor. He also took some acting classes to strengthen and refresh his skills. Just last year Canfield resigned from his full-time Vice President position in the supply industry and now spends his days running his own business - promoting his talent and, along with an agent, selling his brand. Canfield encourages students to consider there are many different ways to earn a living and to pursue what interests them. When discussing the college track v.s. skill labor track he said, “College isn’t for everybody…we don’t do a lot of trades anymore, but there is more out there than people realize.”  Canfield’s own acting career was self-made and did not require a college degree. Choosing your career path, Josh says, is about bettering yourself, making connections and getting out there. Josh currently performs stand-up throughout L.A. and has acted in television shows for the Outdoor Channel, Investigation Discovery, Criminal Minds, and more.

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