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Senior Spotlight: Camille Holmes

Senior Spotlight: Camille Holmes

Camille Holmes is a Groton HS senior in the New Visions Life Sciences Program at Cornell University.This program is offered by the TST BOCES Career and Tech Center and combines extensive clinical experience with academic coursework in English, government, economics and medical science. The integration of many subjects into the Life Science Program’s curriculum allows Camille to complete all of her senior year requirements within the program’s coursework. Camille balances both classroom time and hands-on lab work which is held at the Guterman Bioclimatic Laboratory at Cornell.  “I really like the fact that that the stuff I’m doing is real,” said Camille. “Right now we are researching genes on quarter horses to find the gene that determines what type of work they will be good at.”

Camille remembers that as early as kindergarten she wanted to be a veterinarian. Exposed to the trade as a youngster, she watched small animal surgeries performed at her grandparents practice. Although she admits she has changed her mind about her career choice many times since then, Camille envisioned herself as a scientist and enjoyed learning the subject. Camille credits her science teachers Chad Devoe and Paul Wiech for pushing her to learn and excel, she says that these Groton high school teachers challenged her to learn more and personally take on more demanding material which has helped her to be the student she is today. “I really learned how to be my own person…(in high school) there is a lot of pressure to fit in...but it ends up making you really unhappy so I kind of stopped caring what people thought of me and did my own thing,” she says. Camille's hard work has been paying off, and although the Life Sciences coursework is “crazy intense” Camille says she loves being around people who have similar interests, such as genetics. “Its great to meet people who are so much like me,” Camille says about the New Visions classes. At the completion of the program, Camille will receive six college credits which will be transferred to SUNY Potsdam, where she has been accepted on a full scholarship this fall. Studying Pre-Vet at the college level will be a new challenge she embraces “They say it’s more (to learn), you have to know the human body as well as a variety of animals, birds reptiles, and other exotics,” she explains. “Leaving home is a little bit scary but really exciting. I'm going to miss knowing everybody in our school, it is like a family here, but it will be interesting meeting new people.” 

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